Elegancy meets the art of stone carving

We go to great lengths to find that natural stone that can tell a story with its many characteristics such as color, grain, and density.

Stone Carving Unlimited not only carves beautiful art but also brings a piece of history to your household.

Stone Carving Unlimited

Where the finest hand-carved architectural stone products meet or beat the most competitive prices, topped with the best customer service imaginable. We stock the widest selection of limestone, marble, travertine, and onyx blocks to satisfy any taste and design! If for any reason we don’t stock what you’re looking for, chances are we can get it!


Lab results show our limestone to be the hardest stone in the world. Great for a commercial building to stand the test of time and preserve the beauty of stone for decades to come. Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to do large size cladding that most commercial buildings require.


Nothing enhances the outside look of a house like natural stone products. Give us a chance to bid on your next project and let us surprise you with how competitive our prices are.

Your home deserves it!


Whether it’s mantels, columns, doorway moldings, stair cases, tiles or anything else you may desire. If we don’t have it in our Dallas warehouse, we will be more than happy to fabricate it for you!

Why Us?

Because we went far and beyond to make sure we have total control of every step in our fabrication process. Owning our own quarries is the first step to ensure we get the best blocks extracted. State of the art machineries cut the blocks to the exact sizes whether they are going to the tile line or going to the carvers to hand carve your unique piece.
The best crating known in the trade is also done by our professional individuals to make sure each piece will arrive to the job site safely.
Finally, we load our crates in the containers at our factory so that the products are stacked safely and correctly.
In the end, a satisfied customer makes it all worth it!

Responsive Vertical Timeline

What makes Stone Carving Unlimited's products better?
Many factors, but it starts with the stone. Unlike other stone companies, we own our own quarries. We went to great lengths to find naturally beautiful stone with all the characteristics you are looking for: color, hardness, grain, and density. With Stone Carving Unlimited's products, you can see the difference, and the difference begins here. 01


Stone Carving Unlimited employees select and grade stones based on strict criteria including uniformity of color as well as the absence of cracks and fissures. Every block of stone must be perfect. 02


We store an ample supply of blocks from all our quarries at our factory so we can start production without delay. 03


Our monoblade saw exposes the beauty of the stone for all to see, and also prepares the blocks for the bridge saw. 04


The gang saw produces slabs for countertops, stair treads, and larger format tiles. 05


Stone Carving Unlimited's state-of-the-art precision bridge saw tailors the individual sections of stone prior to hand carving. 06


A high-precision block cutter saw cuts the desired size and thickness of tiles. 07


The tile polishing machine is a big part of our tile production line. It adds the finish that you specify: antique brushed, honed, mirror polished, and many others. Your complete satisfaction is our only mission. 08


Unlike machine carving, all of our products are hand carved by our highly skilled artisan carvers. Machine carving cannot even approach the impressive looks our craftsmen create with loving care for you.09


We adhere to quality control procedures at every stage of our manufacturing process. Loading the container at our factory is the last step to ensure crates are stacked safely. 10


Great folks to do business with. Tom is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to please customers from start to finish. Some of their projects are amazing.

Tucker Black

Best prices, service and quality. Hand cut by multi-generational carvers. They embody the unconstrained and personalized vision of master carvers of the past.

Matthew Surratt

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